The Higher Intelligence Agency – Colour Reform

Colour Reform
1994 Beyond

Top class record with remixes of four tracks from the HIA's album “Colourform” released in 1993 on Beyond Records. Must have it !!!

01. Universal Entity (Ketamine Entity Reformed By A Postive Life)
02. Speech3 (Conoid Tone Reformed By Autechre)
03. Speedlearn (Reformed By The Irresistible Force)
04. Alpha 1999 (Delta Reformed By Pentatonik)

colour reform


2 thoughts on “The Higher Intelligence Agency – Colour Reform

  1. soooooper post, h.i.a. remixed by four of their peers, i'd plump for the pentatonik remix as my favourite, but only if you held a gun to my head as they are all amazing. many thanks for this, hope you had a great xmas, kieran.


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