The Essence – A Mirage ’94 (The Mixes)

A Mirage '94 (The Mixes)
1994 An Essential Record

The Essence is new wave / synth pop band formed in 1984 in Roterdam, Holland. The Essence signed to Midnight Music after a year of gigging. In 1986 the collaboration resulted in the release of their debut album “Purity” preceded by the 12” single “Endless Lakes”, which were both received very well, especially in Holland and Germany. A track very popular with the radio- and club-DJ’s was “The Cat”, which was remixed and released as a second 12”. 1987 saw the release of the follow-up album “A Monument of Trust” and the single “A Mirage”, a catchy tune that made the top 10 in Spain.
The popularity of the band continued to grow with the release of the third album “Ecstasy” in 1988. The videos of the singles “Only For You” (1989) and “Like Christ” (1990) got regular airplay on MTV. The group recorded their fourth CD “Nothing Lasts Forever”, a powerful and dark concept album, released November 1991, making its way to an ever growing following around the world, including Japan and the USA.
A “best of…” CD was released by Cherry Red Records in 1994 entitled “Dancing In The Rain”, accompanied by the single “A Mirage ‘94 – The Mixes”.

01. A Mirage (Radio Mix)
02. Through The Years (Club Mix)
03. A Mirage (The Sierra Nevada Mix)
04. A Mirage (Trance Mix)

a mirage '94


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