Dark Star – Graceadelica (Promo)

Graceadelica (Promo)
1998 Harvest

Dark Star were an English rock band from London whose music mixed dark psychedelia with a dub undertow and noisy effects-laden guitar.
Christian ‘Bic’ Hayes, Laurence O’Keefe and David Francolini, all former members of Levitation, formed Dark Star in 1998 and signed to the now defunct Harvest Records, the progressive rock subsidiary of EMI. Dark Star released several EPs and a debut album Twenty Twenty Sound produced by Steve Lillywhite.
In 2000, the band had two top 40 singles with re-releases of “Graceadelica” and “I Am The Sun”, both from their debut album.

Following the touring and promotion of Twenty Twenty Sound, the band entered the studio to record the follow up. Strangers And Madmen was mooted as the lead off single and received its first play on The Evening Session, hosted by Steve Lamacq. Due to a change in personnel at EMI and a general lack of interest from the label in the new material, it was agreed the two parties would part. The band split in 2001 with no official announcement, to pursue different projects. They were unable to release the already recorded second album as the rights to the music belonged to EMI. A bootleg of pre-master mixes of this album is now in circulation, entitled Zurich – it is not known where the title actually came from or whether it was the albums intended title.

01. Graceadelica (Danny Saber Edit)
02. Graceadelica (Danny Saber Remix)
03. Graceadelica (Black Star Liner Remix 1999)
04. Graceadelica (Black Star Liner Leopard Lounge Leeds Remix)
05. Graceadelica



9 thoughts on “Dark Star – Graceadelica (Promo)

  1. I saw them for the first and only time in Benicassim 1999 or 2000 and I was blown away. As a matter of fact I didn't know them or that they were ex-Levitation members before that day. Definitely one of my favorite shows ever. I bought the album the next day but really they were 10 times better live. Too bad they didn't last long.

    Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Ta very much, love this band. Any of their other singles (which are near-impossible to find online) would be most welcome!


  3. Thanks for your comments folks, amazing band, Danny Saber & Black Star Liner remixes are great.

    I have copy of “I Am The Sun EP” including b-sides Semaphore & Living Under The Ground. I'll post this single very soon.


  4. Any chance of posting 'I am the Sun' soon? Don't mean to hassle you, but i've been looking for it for YEARS! (I have an unhealthy obsession with collecting full discographies of obscure 90's bands, and all I need of Dark Star are those B-sides) Ta!


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