Global Communication – Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage
1994 Dedicated

Global Communication is an ambient techno duo from UK, comprising of Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. They are best known for 76:14, and ambient album that sits alongside the likes of FSOL ''Lifeforms'' and Aphex Twin ''Selected Ambient Works 85-92'' as one of the high points of ambient composition within UK 90's electronic music scene.

They released under Global Communication moniker two studio albums: in 1993, their own remixed version of ''Blood Music'' by Chapterhouse, entitled ''Pentamerous Metamorphosis'', and their masterpiece ''76:14'' in 1994 on Dedicated label.

Maiden Voyage is cover of Tangerine Dream ''Love On A Real Train'', remixes by Spiritualized Electric Mainline, The Grid, Michael Brook

CD 1 :
01. Maiden Voyage (Original 8'07>5'23 Version)
02. Maiden Voyage (Spiritualized Electric Mainline Mix)
03. Funk In The Fridge

CD 2 :
01. 7'39 (Link And E621 Appliance Of Science Mix)
02. Maiden Voyage (Grid Mix)
03. Maiden Voyage (Brook Mix)

maiden voyage cd 1 / cd 2


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