Consolidated – This Is Fascism (Remix Album)

This Is Fascism (Remix Album)
1996 M.C. Projects

Notes :
This album shows the diversity the dance scene displays from the one source – the New Fast Automatic Daffodils version of the Consolidated classic track “This Is Fascism”.

Consolidated, the left-leaning industrialists from the late 80s, gets the full remix treatment here. This is Fascism boasts an impressive line-up, everything from the straight-up techno of Carl Cox and DJ Shufflemaster, the crazy house of Coldcut, the booming hip-hop of Fun-Da-Mental to the goth-industrial of C.P.U. and Jack Dangers. As is usually the case with remix collections, the quality and originality varies. Some (like Johnny Moy) simply loop a line repeatedly over and place their own arrangement beneath it. Others put their own unique stamp on the track (the dubwise Pressure Drop). And still others obliterate the song to the point where you’re wondering where the original is (David Holmes).

CD 1:
01. New Fast Automatic Daffodils – This Is Fascism (Remix)
02. Lionrock – This Is Fascism (Destroy All Nazi's Mix)
03. Johnny Moy – This Is Fascism (Fascism Mix)
04. DIY – This Is Fascism (DIY Mix)
05. Coldcut – This Is Fascism (Angry Ninja Mix)
06. C.P.U. – This Is Fascism (From The C.P.U. Mix)
07. Jack Dangers – This Is Fascism (Meat Beat Manifesto Mix)

CD 2:
01. Mark Pistel – This Is Fascism (Consolidated Mix)
02. Fun-Da-Mental – This Is Fascism (Exterminate Fascism Before It Gets Your Teddy Bear)
03. United Spirits Of Rhythm – This Is Fascism (The Conquest Of Fear Mix)
04. Carl Cox – This Is Fascism (Burning Gold Mix)
05. DJ Shufflemaster – This Is Fascism (Subvoice Tokyo Mix)
06. The Drum Club – This Is Fascism (Difference Mix)
07. Pressure Drop – This Is Fascism (Dubism Mix)
08. David Holmes – This Is Fascism (Experimental Plastic Rascism)

this is fascism cd1 / cd2


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