System 7 – Sirenes

system 7 - sirenes

1994 Butterfly Records

An emotive, cross-genre high point of not only System 7's repertoire, but also the entire post-rave era, “Sirènes” is surprisingly underrepresented on DJ mixes and compilations. The three versions of the moody title anthem on this record are each meticulously crafted and expertly programmed, and they each respect the song's essence, thereby sounding as much like System 7 as the remixers. That said, Laurent Garnier's trance-infused techno mix very closely echoes his work on “Acid Eiffel” and Moby's “Hymn”, while Carl Craig's mix is quintessentially Carl Craig. Marshall Jefferson's house mix is equally well produced, and it successfully emphasizes the song's housey aspects without dipping too far into any sort of cliché.
(review by mjb – discogs)

01. Sirenes (Marshall Jefferson Mix)
02. Sirenes (Laurent Garnier Mix)
03. Sirenes (System 7.1)
04. Coltrane (Water Mix)

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3 thoughts on “System 7 – Sirenes

  1. Thank you very much for System 7… it is not really easy to find something from them (i don´t know why – i like them very much).

    Best Regards MJK


  2. i bought 2 copies of this on vinyl when it came out so i could extend parts. definitely an under appreciated release. thanks.


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