Candyland – Suck It And See

Suck It And See
1991 Fiction Records

Candyland had a sweet tooth for Madchester: dope-fueled dance beats; choppy, lazy guitars; and slices of ’60s psychedelic pop. Arguably more club-oriented than their peers, the multi-racial group (it featured members from Somalia and Jamaica as well as from the U.K.) was formed in London, England, by Felix Tod (vocals) and David Wesley Ayers, Jr. (guitar); Kenediid Osman (bass), Derrick McKenzie (drums), and Colin Payne (keyboards) were eventually added to the lineup. Gil Norton, renowned producer of post-punk acts like Echo & the Bunnymen and the Pixies, recorded the band’s first demo. Even before the group’s debut single, “Fountain of Youth,” appeared, they were invited to perform at the Great British Music Weekend in Wembley.
Their first and only album, Suck It and See, was released In 1991, and although three singles were released from it (Fountain O’ Youth, Kingdom, and Bitter Moon), Candyland broke up later in 1991.  

01. Precious
02. Fountain O’Youth
03. Bitter Moon
04. Something To Somebody
05. Reternity
06. Rainbow
07. Ivy To Oak
08. Kingdom
09. The Body Is The Book
10. Behold The Motherlode
11. We Will Not Leave

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2 thoughts on “Candyland – Suck It And See

  1. …but i was one of the ones who bought this at the time, and it's really not very good. i guess that's why they call it hype…. a friend of mine bought this from the bargain bin for 50p within 6 months of release and even HE thought he's paid too much, lol
    Awesome blog though, as always. Cheers, sir


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