Subsurfing – The Number Readers

The Number Readers
1994 AO Records

A peculiar and fascinating blend of cultures and musical worlds, that is the essence of Subsurfing, the collective fronted by English producer/engineer Greg Hunter and Japanese instrumentalist/producer Ryoji Oba, also known as Obi. Their acclaimed 12”/CD ”The Number Readers” in 1994 was one of the absolute highlights on the ambient firmament, while with their debut album ”Frozen Ants” (released on Apollo Records in May of 1995) they extended their intriguing pandemonium of cutting atmospherics, enchanting Indian textures and deranged hi-tech dub, displaying a stunning virtuosity in the combined use of electronics and live instrumentation. 

01. The Number Readers (Main Mix)
02. The Number Readers (Ambient Mix)
03. The Number Readers (Highvelocitywords Dub)
04. The Number Readers (Tomb On The Jupiter Ambient)

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