Red Box – Train

1990 EastWest

London-based art-pop act who debuted as a traditional five-piece band but by 1985 had been reduced to a duo, Simon Toulson-Clarke (vocals, guitar) and Julian Close (keyboards, programming, saxophone). That year saw them achieve the first of two UK top 10 hits with the anthemic “Lean On Me (Ah-Li-Ayo)”, followed in 1986 by an ambitious album “The Circle And The Square” on which the duo’s sound was augmented by a small army of guest musicians, and from which was lifted a second hit “For America”. Put out of action for a while by contractual disputes, Red Box finally returned in 1989, with Close replaced by Alastair Gavin. The second album “Motive” suffered from a lack of promotion and Red Box officially “retired” soon after.
01. Train (7” Mix)
02. Train (Fantasy Island)
03. Train (Mr. Chandra Is Up Stairs)
04. Train (Hornby Mix)

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2 thoughts on “Red Box – Train

  1. Thanks for this.
    Just to bring the story up to date, Red Box bought out an album of new songs in 2010, still are rather big in Poland, and are just finishing a new album. They are now a touring 7 piece, still headed by Simon Toulson-Clarke


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