Mother – All Funked Up!

All Funked Up!
1993 Bosting Records

Mother was the name of the UK production duo Jools Brettle and Lee Fisher. They had two minor hits in the UK: “All Funked Up” (1993) and “Get Back” (1994).

” Before the whole disco-house thing there was this little bomb. It tears along with a very funky baseline and breaks down into one of the fattest flute loops ever. It is that fluttering disco flute and the horns break that send many an old school raver into orbit and then throw in a “wooo” and a Primal Scream sample and you’ve got the jam! Awesome track! ”
(review by andyman5)

01. All Funked Up (Mothers Pride Mix)
02. All Funked Up (Mothers Day Mix)
03. All Funked Up (Mothers Favourite Mix)

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4 thoughts on “Mother – All Funked Up!

  1. Just posted a comment about this the other week on Discogs …

    the track was wholeheartedly lifted straight from the 1975 single by Gary Wright – Love Is Alive.

    Check it out.


  2. Love the site Riki!!….imagine my surprise when I came across my very own discogs review under the description for Mother. It's a small world… Keep up the great work!


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