Sun Electric – O’locco

1993 R&S Records

Sun Electric’s early work O’LOCCO gets plenty of mix love, particularly from Thomas Fehlmann and The Orb here. Their own “Radioland” mix hasn’t aged too terribly well, but that and their “Kama Sutra” and “Space Therapy” mixes are both pleasant and overly similar pieces of electro-pop. Thomas Fehlmann, for his “Hyperfloral” mix, takes an ambient approach, but it’s The Orb’s “Orbital Therapy” mixes which deserve special mention, with each therapy getting more blissful and trippy as they go on.
(review by scoundrel – discogs)

01. O’locco (Radioland)
02. O’locco (Hyperfloral)
03. O’locco (Kama Sutra)
04. O’locco (Space Therapy)
05. O’locco (Orbital Therapy Part 1)
06. O’locco (Orbital Therapy Part 2)
07. O’locco (Orbital Therapy Part 3)

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