Sandals – Feet (US Single)

Feet (US Single)
1994 FFRR

Notes :
Track taken from ”Rite To Silence” album, remixes by The Dust Brothers, Slam, Scott Hardkiss and Robbie Hardkiss

01. Feet (Dust Brothers Mix)
02. Feet (Night Slam VI)
03. Feet (Wrong Side Of Town MIx)
04. Feet (Fungus Mix)

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5 thoughts on “Sandals – Feet (US Single)

  1. I gotta tell you, this blog of yours… It's like digging through all those old boxes of records and CDs I've got stashed away in the back of the closet from college. 90% of the things you share are items I can remember buying in those great days of trainspotting. All those Orb mixes, Weatherall stuff, David Holmes, Ultramarine, System 7, KLF, and all the bands they remixed and all the songs I liked and tracked down or ordered from a friend in the UK. It's just non-stop memory lane!


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