Soul Family Sensation – New Wave

New Wave
1991 One Little Indian

Notes :
In 1989, after being introduced to Chicago house music Johnny Male teamed up with Guy Batson and Jhelisa Anderson to begin the project Soul Family Sensation. Their debut album “New Wave” was praised by the British press and with their single “I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby” the band had their first club and chart success.
But despite a bit of interest from the style press and some radio play for “…Baby”, Soul Family Sensation bombed. “Burger Habit”, the second LP recorded without Jhelisa under the band name of Sensation, disappeared without a trace and the band split. Male – after reputedly writing songs for Jimmy Nail – turned up next in Republica.
Too white for the dance kids, too black for the indie kids, SFS were stuck in a sort of no-mans land in-between. 

01. Perfect Life (Bryan ”Chuck” New Remix)
02. Messed Up And Blue
03. The Sheffield Song
04. The Day You Went Away
05. Japanese Technology
06. 747 Tonight
07. I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby
      (Marshall Jefferson Remix)
08. Who Ever Said
09. Other Stuff
10. All Across The Network
11. 747 Tonight (Lenny Dee/Trego Dub)
12. Beat Author (Howl Mix)
13. All Across The Network (The Gloucester Place Mix)

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