V.A. – Slowburn: Blissed-Out Beats And After Hours Anthems

Various Artist
Slowburn: Blissed-Out Beats And After Hours Anthems
1996 Rumour Records

See you here again after few weeks, plenty of great records are ready for posting when i come back. I leave you with this fantastic balearic/chill out compilation released in 1996 on Rumour Records.

I’m not sure about you but i’m having great fun listening again and posting these old forgotten records from late 80’s/early 90’s period.
I’m not fully satisfied how this blog is working, downloads are great but there are no comments on posts. 
I don’t expect from you to leave comment on every record, but try to be more active, need your comments to see what you like or don’t like here.

01. Sandals – Nothing (Leftfield Dub)
02. Cocteau Twins – Watchlar
03. Audio Deluxe – 60 Seconds
04. Warp 69- Natural High (Global Communications Remix)
05. Saint Etienne – Who Do You Think You Are 
      (Aphex Twin Quex-rd)
06. Izit – Stories (Paul Oakenfold Mellow Mix)
07. Innocence – Natural Thing (No-One Here Gets Out Alive)
08. The Art Of Noise – Crusoe (The LFO Mix)
09. Ballistic Brothers vs. The Eccentric Afros – Jam Jah
10. Electra – Autumn Love (Future 3)

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16 thoughts on “V.A. – Slowburn: Blissed-Out Beats And After Hours Anthems

  1. Hey Riki Rizan

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your blog.

    I think you're doing a great job.

    I can't tell what I like mostly, because I listen to whatever you post, and it interesting.
    Of cause, I' greatful for all the Factory releases you've posted, because most of them never came to Denmatk back then, so Thank you for that.

    I really hope you continue … 🙂


    Great Dane


  2. have no fear, i (and many others) am digging this blog. this is the music of my 20s, brings back great memories and lots of great records that i either never got around to buying or bought and lost track of. thanks so much.


  3. Please don't give up, your blog is the best out there.

    I suspect the reason why me and many others are pretty rubbish at leaving comments is that there's so much stuff to listen to, that it takes a few weeks to get your ears completely around the tunes. And so by the time I'm ready to comment on a record, it's already buried deep under the new tunes.

    So, just a suggestion, but why not try putting only one album or single on per week? Pretty much all of the music is great, but there is so much of it to work through.

    Sometimes, less is more…



  4. no dont stop nothing much i can request as most of the stuff you up is my kind of thing…however if you have any music by the band espiritu then that would be appreciated they had a few tracks “Francisca” (remixed by Farley & Heller) “Conquistador” (remixed by The Sabres of Paradise), “Los Americanos” (remixed by Mark Stent), and “Bonita Manana”.

    so see if you can sort any of those out cheers


  5. This was on my wantlist (albeit low priority) for years…prolly for about 17 years or so. Thanks for posting this hard-to-find album…I appreciate it.


  6. Great blog,but rips should be 320 at least.Some stuff on hear are hard to find for a number of reasons.Purchased this for a quid just recently.Thanks.


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