Campag Velocet – Vito Satan

Vito Satan
2000 [PIAS] Recordings

Formed in London in early 1993, the band’s musical style was influenced by bands such as Primal Scream, Public Image Ltd, Gang of Four, Spacemen 3, Public Enemy and at the time were lumped into an indie dance genre which then included bands such as Regular Fries.
The band’s line-up was Pete Voss (vocals), Ian Cater (guitars, keyboards, programming), Barnaby “Barney” Slater (bass) and Lascelles Lascelle (drums, percussion, samples).
”Vito Satan” is single released from their debut album ”Bon Chic Bon Genre”.

01. Vito Satan
02. Sauntry Sly Return
03. Bon Chic Bon Genre (Hard Skin)

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