V.A. – A Factory Sample Too

Various Artist
A Factory Sample Too
1995 Factory Too

Factory Too was label started by Anthony H. Wilson in 1994, two years after the collapse of the original Factory label. Most releases came out in conjunction with London Records.

In 1996, it was joined by a reissue/anthology imprint called Factory Once, also in combination with London Records.

Dissatisfied with the relationship with London/PolyGram, Wilson setup his own label Factory Records Limited in 1997 and Factory Once/Too both disappeared quietly in 1998.

Notes :
The Orch – produced by Jez Kerr (A Certain Ratio)
Italian Love Party – produced by Peter Hook (New Order)

01. East West Coast – Bright
02. East West Coast – Rag Doll
03. The Orch – Official Heat
04. The Orch – Black Light
05. Italian Love Party – Me And Fate
06. Italian Love Party – Just Like A Guru
07. K-Track – Disarm
08. K-Track – Born Again

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