Jesus Loves You – Generations Of Love (Farley & Heller Mixes)

Generations Of Love (Farley & Heller Mixes)
1991 More Protein

Notes :
Jesus Loves You (Boy George) huge hit from 1990, remixed here by Terry Farley & Pete Heller

01. Generations Of Love (Road To Basra Mix)
02. Generations Of Love (Love Dub Mix)

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5 thoughts on “Jesus Loves You – Generations Of Love (Farley & Heller Mixes)

  1. Thanks, Ricky! I've got so many remixes of Generations Of Love, but neither of these. I have to wonder if it's possible to screw up such a classic song? Nevertheless, these are great even by Farley & Heller's standards.

    I love the Martyr Mantras album, too. I was never much of a fan of Culture Club, but Jesus Loves You really opened my eyes (& ears) to Boy George's talent.

    Cheers, Khayem


  2. Khayem,

    Thanks for your comments mate.
    Boy George released few really great singles as Jesus Loves You and Generations Of Love is my favourite track. Very good remixes by Farley & Heller, but still i love most Paul Oakenfold mixes.


  3. What a great gift to finally hear the Farley & Heller remixes of this Boy George Classic. Thanks for posting! Do you have any of the other elusive early Farley & Heller remixes like Roman “You Can't Always Get What You Want” and Last Tango's “City Lights”. CHEERS! Great blog! Not to be missed!


  4. Chris,

    I don't have Roman and Last Tango singles but i have other early obscure Terry Farley remix, will be posted next week, stay tuned.

    Thanks for your feedback, i'm glad you like music i'm posting.


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