Nav Katze – Never Mind The Distortion II

Never Mind The Distortion II
1997 Invitation

Nav Katze submit themselves to another round of abstract remixes on NEVER MIND THE DISTORTION II. And while the remixers here might not have the instanteous clout as the batch on the first round, the results are nonetheless great. Both the Gentle People and Sun Electric keep the vocals mostly intact, the former putting a lava lamp-ready lounge spin on “Ready to Go,” while the latter spin an ambient-electric web around “Borderless #2.” Disjecta gets three mixes under his belt (possibly four, if you count the bright and shiny Seefeel mix of “Happier…”), most of which crunch industrial rhythms with vocal fragments (the ones on “Tightrope” sound vaguely feline). And instead of the drill ‘n’ bass for which he’s now known, µ-ziq travels a more sedate path. An Autechre mix of “Happy?” closes out the album on with rhythm and (occasionally harsh) filtered sounds. Never mind the distortion indeed!
(review by scoundrel – discogs) 

01. Ready To Go (The Gentle People Mix)
02. Lilac Moonlight (Disjecta Mix)
03. Tightrope (Disjecta Mix)
04. Borderless #2 (Sun Electric Mix)
05. Tiny Cog (Disjecta Mix)
06. Happier… (Seefeel Mix)
07. Happy! (µ-ziq Mix)
08. Happy? (Autechre Qunk Dub Mix)

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2 thoughts on “Nav Katze – Never Mind The Distortion II

  1. Fantastic! I've owned – and loved – the original for years, but found it impossible to track down a copy of volume 2, even on a visit to Japan. Many thanks, Ricky! Best wishes, Khayem


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