The Clash – Return To Brixton EP

Return To Brixton EP
1990 CBS

The upsurge of the dance and house scene in the late 1980s UK resulted in many ‘indie’ and ‘alternative’ artists hooking up with remixers and producers to turnout (and churnout!) ‘dance’ versions of their songs. Part of this movement was a re-visting/plundering of some back catalogue material in order to give it a dance update.

Return to Brixton is probably one of the better examples of this genre. Perhaps unsurprising in a way as the late great Joe Strummer and pals were pioneers of the fusion of two major musical genres (rock & reggae) well over ten years earlier.

Essentially a re-working of the classic The Guns of Brixton – one of The Clash’s alltime standards. Unlike some ‘remixes’ that turn out to be rehashes, with Return… Jeremy Healy manages to produce some dancefloor numbers that keep the integrity of the original. Track 3 – the SW2 Dub – represents the most radical re-working, but even this manages to keep signature snippets that anchor the mix firmly in its roots.

On its release in the Summer of 1990, Return… flirted with the lower reaches of the UK charts, reaching #57 in July.
(review by DJ Jonti – discogs)

01. Return To Brixton (7” Radio Edit)
02. Return To Brixton (Extended Mix)
03. Return To Brixton (SW2 Dub)
04. The Guns Of Brixton

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