Laurent Garnier – A Bout De Souffle EP

A Bout De Souffle EP
1993 Fnac Dance Music Division

If I had to pick one CD Maxi release by Laurent Garnier to rule them all, then his 1993 “A Bout De Souffle EP” would be my definite choice. The first three tracks, Breathless, Wake Up and Go To Sleep, rank amongst his finest works ever, and those familiar with his opus should know that means quite a lot.

Wake up is my favorite here, though, and certainly my #1 tune the frenchman produced. The best thing about it is how nicely it aged; the acid line and the vocal samples immediately reveal that its origins are back in the old school, but it still gets the crowd screaming on those good retro parties 😉

The other two tracks are more laid back, with a relaxing and soothing touch, maybe more suitable for the after parties or just pure quality listening time at home.
The remix of Wake Up is nice, but few tracks can match the original, let alone beat it.

So, what you have here is an absolutely essential purchase for all fans of old school house/techno, with a very distinct Laurent Garnier trademark- the tunes are groovy, melodic, yet not too aggressive or in your face. Their beauty relies more on musicality than on harshness, devastating kicks and high BPM rates. Essential stuff here.
(review by maroko – discogs) 

01. Breathless
02. Wake Up
03. Go To Sleep
04. Wake Up (Baloo Mix)

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