New Order – Blue Monday 1988

Blue Monday 1988
1988 Factory

01. Blue Monday 1988
02. Beach Buggy
03. Blue Monday 1988 (Dub Version)
04. Blue Monday 1988 (7” Mix)
05. Beach Buggy (7” Mix)
06. Blue Monday 1988 (Alternate 7” Mix)

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5 thoughts on “New Order – Blue Monday 1988

  1. Is this the newly remastered version compiled by the Recycle blog? As far as I know, these tracks hadn't been compiled together until they did it.


  2. Do you have the other New Order Recycle blog series? They basically did this same treatment for every New Order single, compiled all the different tracks from the different formats, remastered, etc. 🙂 If so, posting would be lovely! I lost them all when my hard drive crashed awhile back. (Sob, sob.)


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