Sheer Taft – Absolutely Sheer

Absolutely Sheer
1992 Creation Records

01. Kali
02. Smother Earth
03. Morning Star
04. Bandaloo
05. One Eye Love
06. Feverish
07. Don’t Look Back
08. Cascades

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6 thoughts on “Sheer Taft – Absolutely Sheer

  1. Wow, Riki, been on the lookout for this forever – couldn't find it in stores just after release!
    Thanks so much, and as always I guess – great blog.


  2. Thank you very much…it is the same thing: searching for this a long time & couldĀ“t find it…thank you very very much – a great album!


  3. No problem mates, glad you like it, it was very hard to find this album, i received this cd copy from reader of the blog from Sweden before 3-4 years, great album, Cascades is one of the best tracks from early 90's period.


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