Top – Emotion Lotion


Emotion Lotion
1991 Island Records

01. Number One Dominator
02. Buzzin’
03. Soul Magic
04. Hi Baby Hi
05. Goodnight
06. Feel Good
07. Love By Demand
08. Easy
09. As Far As I Can See
10. She’s Got All The World
11. Life’s Only Dreaming

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6 thoughts on “Top – Emotion Lotion

  1. This is a brilliant album. I hope people download it and give it a proper listen. Nearly every song is a potential single. They pulled off that “If 60's were 90's” trope better than the Charlatans (or Beautiful People) with breezy effort. 'Buzzin'' is absolute genius. 'Hi Baby Hi' is the single that never was. …but it's the slower songs that highlight the album. 'Love by Demand' is easily the biggest moment on the record, but 'Goodnight' and 'Life's Only Dreaming' are guaranteed to fix any bad day. This album is a lost classic.


  2. Thanks for doing this Riki… tried (and failed) my hardest to get Adrive to work. Looking forward to seeing if my memoreis of this one are still accurate! h


  3. riki rizan… I once had a blog called A-sides B-sides and Seasides. I once posted a complete collection of all of Top's alternate takes and b-sides. If you'd like, I can send it your way. Even the b-sides were genius. Let me know, I'll get it right out to you.


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