Hypnotone – Hypnotonic


1991 Creation Records

Notes :
Records by The Hollow Men, Love Corporation and Revenge re-uploaded on zippyshare, all of you who have problems with adrive downloads, now is your chance to get these records.
From now, i will continue to upload on zippyshare these records from Flac Corner section. At the moment, i don’t have plans to re-upload older records from this section, and who knows maybe everything will be ok with adrive links in the future, maybe this was temporary problem.

P.S. Only good thing about dead adrive links is that some of you ”finally” found time to leave comment or to send email, not to say something about all these great records i’ve posted on the blog but to inform me that adrive is shit and links are not working 🙂

01. Hypnotonic
02. Yu-Yu (FTD Mix)
03. Yu -Yu

link in comments


5 thoughts on “Hypnotone – Hypnotonic

  1. I hang my head in shame, Ricky – I too was banging my keyboard in frustration, when more “Thank You”s might be in order!

    I've been looking for “I'm Not Your Slavell” forever – so thank you very much indeed!



  2. No worries Pete, thanks for your comment, downloads are going really great, minimum 150 people download every record i'm posting on the blog but i'm not receiving any feedback, i love music and i love working on the blog, posting all these forgotten records but sometimes i like to see some comments on the blog, not only my comments with download link.

    I'm great that i helped you to find “I'm Not Your Slavell” track, i have somewhere your email with list of tracks you are looking from Factory Records, if i find anything else i will let you know.


  3. Just to say a big thank you – I haven't had problems with A-Drive links but it's time I sent a comment.

    Great uploads, tracks I have and have forgotten about and those elusive ones that I never found ( or knew existed ) in the first place.I guess as a society we find it easier to complain rather than compliment but great work you're doing and I will comment more often



  4. I'd also like to add my “thank you” to the comments. It is too easy to keep building up a collection of digital music files and to forget that it's all thanks to the time and effort of fellow music lovers . Thank you for opening my mind to so much new (old) quality music.


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