Sussed – All Hail The Young Assassins

All Hail The Young Assassins
1997 Dead Dead Good

Notes :
Sussed were a 4-piece indie band out of Northwich, who released their first single in 1996 entitled “Never Wanna See Your Face” on Dead Dead Good Records. This landed them #6 in the UK Indie charts. The next two singles “One In A Million” and “Time’s Up” both did respectfully well in the UK indie charts. They recorded an album “All Hail The Young Assassins”, which was released in Japan, however was never released properly in the UK. Singer Richard Nancollis went on to form The Rain Band.

01. Time’s Up
02. If I Called Your Name
03. I Torched Everything
04. Double The Number
05. Save All Your Tributes For Me
06. Stealing
07. Everything Is Wonderful
08. Here I Come
09. All Alone
10. Hanging On
11. Only You Make Me Happy
12. To The Sky

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