V.A. – Going Global Series – Voila! (US Edition)

Various Artists
Going Global Series – Voila! (US Edition)
1995 Quango Records

Notes :
Track 01 – remixed by Fluke
Tracks 02 & 07 – remixed by Justin Robertson
Track 03 – remixed by Hardfloor

01. Khaled – Kebou (Fluke Mix)
02. Rachid Taha – Voila Voila (Prankster Guitar Thud)
03. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix)
04. Alex Madden – Bakala (Alex Madden Mystik Mix)
05. Rachid Taha – D’abord D’abord (Zarma Edit)
06. Khaled – N’ssi N’ssi (Jamming The Casbah Mix)
07. Rachid Taha – Indie (The Game Is Afoot Mix)
08. Mory Kante – Mogo Djolo (Ambush Vocal Mix)

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