Transglobal Underground – Interplanetary Meltdown

Interplanetary Meltdown
1995 Nation Records

Notes :
Track 01 – remixed by Lionrock (Justin Robertson)
Track 02 – remixed by Dreadzone
Track 03 – remixed by Delta Lady (Kris Needs)
Track o4 – remixed by The Sabres Of Paradise
Track 06 – remixed by The Drum Club
Track 07 – remixed by Youth

01. International Times (Lionrock Kick Da Flavour)
02. Lookee Here (Dread At The Controls)
03. Slowfinger (Delta Ladies Night Mix)
04. International Times (Haunted Dance Hall Mix)
05. Rasa Bliss (Grotus)
06. Earth Tribe (Earth vs Technology Mix)
07. Temple Head (Isis Mix)
08. Temple Head (Burundi Mix)
09. One Day Old (Headbutt)
10. Zombie’ites (Laughing Gravy Mix)

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3 thoughts on “Transglobal Underground – Interplanetary Meltdown

  1. Top notch with TG release, have you ever come across TG – Transglobal Underground ‎– Protean / Taal Zaman / Dustbowl CD Single

    Thanks again for amazing stuff.


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