V.A. – Types – A Kudos Sampler

Various Artists
Types – A Kudos Sampler
1994 Kudos Records

A fine collection of mostly UK techno. Hard to find a compilation that has what some consider the best As One, Stasis and Fugue tracks all on one comp. Having the Fugue track featured here (maybe only place released on cd) in itself is worth noting and getting this cd. Fantastic song in Contrapoint. Isatai is possibly my favorite Detroit inspired British idm / techno track of all time. 5 minutes of a lifetime of music. Don’t sleep on the balearic track from Conemelt. Strong chill out track there combined with trip hop downtempo in White Dopes on Funk give this compilation some nice depth and everyday listenability. Round out this cd with solid but dated cuts from Pentatonik, Dave Angel’s other worldly Rotation track that kicked off his own label with the same name, Synectics, Eco Tourist and Sandoz and you get a very solid and nearly fantastic compilation of 1994 British techno.
(review by TIM – http://www.discogs.com

01. Pentatonik – About This
02. Dave Angel – Rotation
03. Synectics – Zycoon
04. Stasis – Point Of No Return
05. Fugue – Contrapoint
06. As One – Isatai
07. Eco Tourist – Penguins (Hyperion Intro)
08. Germ – Tknoh
09. Sandoz – Intelligence
10. Scanner – Vein
11. Conemelt – All Over Hair Piece
12. White Dopes On Funk – Crystalline Existences

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