Before few weeks i closed my blog because someone from USA have spyware in his Chrome browser and automatically is clicking on same 10-20 posts, all day – every day, seven days a week, last 50-60 days.
This attack on my blog must stop, you are ruining my hard work on this blog, i will give you 7 days to clean your browsers. If i don’t see any changes i’ll be forced to CLOSE this blog.

EVERYONE from USA, with Macintosh operating system, who is visiting my blog with Chrome browsers, please scan your computers with this great program Advance System Care , it will clean your browsers and unwanted spyware, i’m using on my PC and so far is excellent. After scan, feel free to uninstall this program from your PC.

Thanks and i hope you will help me to solve this problem. There will be no new posts next 7 days, i’m waiting for positive feedback.


8 thoughts on “FINAL NOTICE

  1. I've got the same problem on my blog. Someone was clicking my Arcadia post about 300-400 times a day for more than a week. That's quite a lot considering I only get about 1200 page views total a day. It has recently started back up on my Duran Duran Rio post. It has been clicked about 10 times more than all the other posts combined this week…


  2. Sorry to hear you're still having problems, I wish I had some knowledge to offer. Hopefully someone somewhere will have a solution for you.

    All the best.


  3. KidChaos2, it's probably same person, cleaning his Chrome browser will solve this problem i'm sure. Never have this kind of problem before on my blogs.

    There is no way to block IP address in blogger options, all i can see is that person is from USA and that he is using Chrome browser. I think deleting posts will not help, other posts will be infected soon.

    There is no changes yet, i hope that he will install this Advance System Care program i gave you, will scan his PC or laptop and everything will be ok in the future.

    I'm waiting for few more days and i'm taking serious actions.


  4. I think I might be the guy. I cleaned my Chrome browser and hope all is well now. If not, I will stop visiting your site.

    Regards and so sorry about this.



  5. Andrew,

    Thanks mate, just when i wanted to publish that finally problem is solved, it started again with multiple clicks on same links. Everything was fine all day. Stop visiting my blog from your Chrome browser, you can download Mozilla and use it for my blog only. Let's try this one. It might help.

    This are some of the posts that are infected :

    The Sugarcubes – It's It
    Malcolm McLaren – Call A Wave
    Bjork – Human Behaviour
    Terminal Power Company – Salvation
    Torch Song – Ecstasy
    Babble – Tribe
    Babble – Love Has No Name
    V.A. – Bleeping With The NME
    World Of Twist – She's A Rainbow


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