The Darkside – Waiting For The Angels


Waiting For The Angels
1990 Situation Two

01. Waiting For The Angels (Edit)
02. Sweet Vibrations
03. High Rise Love
04. Waiting For The Angels

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9 thoughts on “The Darkside – Waiting For The Angels

  1. Recently i completed their discography, i found two of their obscure singles “Jukebox At Munsters” & “Lunar Surf” and now i have everything they released.

    I've posted some records on my other blog and i'll try to post this two obscure 7″ singles very soon, i think some of you might be interested to have them in home collections.

    Link for Darkside records, not sure if all links are still working, give it try here :


  2. Ricky, Any Darkside is welcome – especially in FLAC. I would love to hear the Highrise Love and Always Pleasure EPs (plus their live record). I love these guys! My fave Spacemen 3 project.


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