LFO – Earth Calling

Earth Calling
1990 Fast Forward Records

Notes :
Dubbed ‘The Fake LFO’ after the Warp LFO’s self-titled track became famous in 1990—”Brainstorm”, a bleeps & bass track, appeared to cash in the other band’s success. The Warp act responded in the track “We Are Back” with the line “There are many imitators…”. However, ‘The Fake LFO’ was the first on the scene, with a very different “Brainstorm” version released on a 1988 acid house LP.
01. Earth Calling Pt. 1
02. Earth Calling Pt. 2

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6 thoughts on “LFO – Earth Calling

  1. Because one of the members of this “fake” LFO was Paul Hardcastle. Other member was Les Cutmore, they released three singles in 1990.

    Earth Calling is great oldskool record, check it !


  2. Les Cutmore was/is Paul's manager.

    Together they formed Fast Forward Records where most of the labels output is either Paul or Les or both together under diff names joining the UK Bleep House / Techno sound.

    Nowadays Les runs http://www.trippinmusic.com/ and Paul is one of the artists under contract ;0)


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