Coldcut – Doctorin’ The House

Doctorin’ The House
1988 Ahead Of Our Time

01. Doctorin’ The House (Vocal)
02. Doctorin’ The House (Acid Shut Up (Dub))
03. Doctorin’ The House (Upset Remix)

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Kariya – Let Me Love You For Tonight (Mixes)

Let Me Love You For Tonight
1988 Sleeping Bag Records

01. Let Me Love You For Tonight (Hip-Hop Club Version)
02. Let Me Love You For Tonight (Hip-Hop Radio Version)
03. Let Me Love You For Tonight (House Club Version)
04. Let Me Love You For Tonight (House Radio Version)

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Annette – Dream 17

Dream 17
1988 Deconstruction

Annette was late 80’s Manchester acid house project  consisting of Mike Pickering (Hacienda DJ, Quando Quango, M People), Simon Topping (A Certain Ratio, Quando Quango), Ritchie Close & Gerald Simpson (A Guy Called Gerald)

01. Dream 17
02. Nightmare On Dream Street (Remix by T-Coy)
03. Dream Slumber (Remix by T-Coy)
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Depeche Mode – Strangelove (US Single)

Strangelove (US Single)
1988 Sire

Notes :
This is a special US-release because Sire was not satisfied with the original release in 1987. Also known as Strangelove ’88.
”Strangelove” remixed by Bomb The Bass, ”Nothing” remixed by Justin Strauss 

01. Strangelove (Highjack Remix)
02. Strangelove (Remix Edit)
03. Nothing (Zip-Hop Mix)
04. Nothing (Dub)

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Corporation Of One – The Real Life

The Real Life
1988 Smokin’

Notes :
A fantastic 80’s electro track, massively based on Simple Minds cracking early 80’s instrumental anthem ‘Theme For Great Cities’. It also has samples thrown in from the likes of Queen and even Al Pacino stars on it with some vocals from Scarface!!! Its a real bouncy track, guaranteed to have everybody giving it the large one on the dancefloor once that beat kicks in.
(review by JabbaJus – discogs)

01. The Real Life
02. The Prayer

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V.A. – North – The Sound Of The Dance Underground

Various Artist
North – The Sound Of The Dance Underground
1988 Deconstruction

UK acid house compilation including tracks from A Guy Called Gerald, Annette, T-Coy, Mike Pickering and A Certain Ratio members

01. Annette – Dream 17
02. T-Coy – I Ain’t Nightclubbing
03. D C B – House Fantaz-ee
04. ED209 – Acid To Ecstasy
05. A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
06. Masters Of Acid – Megagrip
07. T-Coy – Carino
08. Frequency 9 – Get On One

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