The Infinite Wheel – Dharma Sunburst

Dharma Sunburst
1991 Brainiak Records

The Infinite Wheel was North London-based ambient dance duo who consist of former Pigbag percussionist/guitarist James Johnstone and Mark Smith
”Dharma Sunburst” is their first single they released on legendary Brainiak Records label.

01. Dharma Sunburst (Part 1)
02. Dharma Sunburst (Part 2)
03. Eleven Dimensions
04. Self Realisation In The Art Of Sensual Love

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V.A. – Live At The Brain 2

Various Artist
Live At The Brain 2
1991 Brainiak Records

Notes :
All tracks recorded live at the Brain Club, 11 Wardour Street, London, during 1991.

01. Nexus 21 – Container
02. Sheep On Drugs – Out Come The Freaks
03. Hi-Ryze – JP 233
04. Man Machine – Robotu Okoku
05. Ultramarine – British Summertime
06. The Purple Room – Triangle
07. Lunarci – Sbassed
08. Doi-Oing – Kersnipp

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Tuff Little Unit – Join The Future

Join The Future
1991 Warp Records

Notes :
Tuff Little Unit was collaboration between Glyn Andrews and Isaiah Hill (school friends of Warp co-founder, Robert Gordon) and Sean Maher (member of Forgemasters alongside Gordon).

They released two singles in 1991 for Warp Records: ”Join The Future” & ”Inspiration”.

01. Join The Future
02. Master Plan

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The Moody Boys – What Is Dub (The KLF & Apollo 440 Remixes)

What Is Dub? (The KLF & Apollo 440 Remixes)
1991 Love Records

Notes :
Tracks 01 & 02 – remixed by Apollo 440
Track 03 – remixed by The KLF

01. What Is Dub? (Digital Dubwise Remix)
02. What Is Dub? (Stealth Sonic Dancehall Remix)
03. What Is Dub? (Kings Of The Low Frequency Dub Version)
04. Dub Is What?

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